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Ghost Recon Wildlands adds a unique PvPvE mode.

Ubisoft has unveiled the final major content update for Ghost Recon Wildlands and it sounds like a big one. The brand new "Mercenaries" mode adds a unique PvPvE game type to the mix that tasks eight players with scouting for gear, locating a rescue point, and extracting from the battle zone before each other. It's a mixture of the popular "battle royale" game mode with smaller-scale fights that should see constant action throughout the match.

At the beginning of each game, players will be dropped into Wildlands' Bolivia and need to seek out the extraction point. Scrounging for gear, you'll do combat with random AI soldiers and other players as you try to remain as covert as possible. Once you activate three transmitters, a chopper will head to an extraction point where everyone will convene for one final shootout. Maybe it's not the stealthiest thing around, but it should make excellent use of the ridiculously large map that Wildlands has.

As a bonus to get people playing, Ubisoft will be giving out a "Lone Wolf" costume to every player that completes their first match. The Mercenaries update will be hitting all versions of Wildlands tomorrow in a big patch. Ubisoft would also like to remind everyone that a special rewards program is going on in Wildlands until September 27, 2019. Through completion of different challenges (such as playing Mercenaries mode), you'll be able to unlock items in Breakpoint when it launches in October.

Despite being one of the least polished games Ubisoft has ever released, I have to say I'm rather impressed with the post-launch support the company has given Wildlands. The amount of additional content, expanded multiplayer modes, and even Tom Clancy fanservice is just impressive. I hope the trend continues in Breakpoint, which should end up being a better game.

- Peter Glagowski
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