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Xbox Game Pass wants you to play Resident Evil 4 again

Another wave of games for July 2019

Xbox Game Pass added several lovable games to its catalog this month, but July is only half over. These next couple of weeks aren't going to let up. Along with the eternal Resident Evil 4, subscribers can also look forward to checking out Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Killer Instinct(2013).

The next arrival is Night Call, a noir game set in Paris. That's coming to PC on July 17.A day later, on July 18, Xbox Game Pass will offer The Phantom Pain (Xbox One only) and The Banner Saga 3, the final act in Stoic's gorgeous Viking strategy series. Yes, MGSV can definitely be your first Metal Gear Solid game. I won't tell! And while the story didn't live up to sky-high expectations, I'll always cherish those legendary pre-release trailers.Closing out the month, Xbox Game Pass will roll out the tabletop-inspired For the King(PC only), Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition, and Resident Evil 4 (Xbox One only) on July 25.

As a friendly reminder, a few notable games like Dead Rising 2 and Hitman Season 1 are leaving Xbox Game Pass on July 31, and if you're into Gears of War, the Gears 5 Tech Test is set for July 19.

If you happen to have Xbox Game Pass for PC, you should look into Timespinner this month. I recently blew through the game and had such a wonderful time. It's got that eerie, somber SNES-era feel to it and for a metroidvania, the pacing is breezy. You can reach 100% completion in a weekend.

-Jordan Devore
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